Those with a CDC vaccine card may be asked to carry proof of vaccination in the future. In an effort to help people preserve that important piece of paper, Marshfield print shop Premier Printing is offering vaccine card laminations free of charge.

“When we saw national retailers offering free lamination of the covid vaccine card , we had an instant reaction that this is something we can do in our rural space,” said Lindsey Rasmussen, owner. “No longer having an OfficeMax, we currently offer all the same services and more than our local retailer once did.”

Though some companies are developing smartphone apps or other systems to create digital proof of vaccination, the CDC card is currently the only official available option.

“We have an accountability to serve the citizens that serve us and we are excited to see the smiling faces of those who have been vaccinated,” said Rasmussen. “Simply bring your completed vaccine card and the coupon below to our offices during open hours to participate.”

The CDC suggests taking a picture of vaccination cards as a backup copy. People are also advised against sharing their card on social media because of identity theft risks.
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Premier Printing is located at 2500 E 5th Street in Marshfield and specializes in graphics, vinyl, signs, and apparel. Open hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm.

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