At Premier Printing we work with the customer from start to finish. We can take your job through the process from design, to print, and finally to fulfillment.

At Premier Printing, we love creating awesome custom products for our customers. We are strong believers in a “work hard, play hard” philosophy; we spend time perfecting our processes and bending over backward for our customers.

How many colors can you screen print?

We are currently set up to screen print up to five different colors.

What is the difference between screen printing and sublimation?

Screen printing is a multi-step process. This method provides a long-lasting and durable print and more vibrant color than other processes. 

  1. A film is used to transfer the design image to a large screen with a chemical process using a photo sensitive emulsion. 
  2. Next the prepared screens are set up on a carousel for printing. Each garment is individually aligned on the carousel. The screen is then lowered and the desired ink is squeegeed across the screen pressing the ink through the screen. 
  3. When the full design has been inked the garment is removed from the carousel and run through a large dryer to cure the ink. 

The sublimation process is a more affordable option for a small quantity order because it has minimal setup time and is a more efficient process. Your design is printed and cut from vinyl cloth and then we use heat to transfer the printed design onto the fabric.

What print process is the most cost effective?

For orders of 12 apparel items or more using the screen printing method will be the most cost effective print method.  Orders less than 12 items will find it more cost effective to go with the sublimation method.

How Long will the print last?

A screen print will last for many years with normal use and washing.

Is there a minimum order required?

For screen printing we require a minimum of 12 items per design. The items may be a mix of garments. Tee’s, hoodies, crew sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts etc…

Is there a screen charge?

Yes, there is a screen charge if you order less than 12 garments. The fee varies depending on the number of colors being printed.

What if I want to order more once I receive my order?

If you think you may need to place another order please let us know when placing the original order. We only keep the screen(s) for one week after the order is completed if special arrangements have not been made.

Is the design part of the shirt cost?

All design work is a separate fee for every project. The cost will depend on the amount of time needed to create the design and the number of revisions.

How long will it take to get my order?

In general it will take about two weeks to get your order. This can vary depending on the details of your order, availability of materials, and scheduling. During busy seasons orders could take up to four weeks.

Water base vs. Plastisol

Water-based inks are made with water. They don’t contain plastics or PVC. The ink seeps into the fabric, dying the garment directly. This means when you touch the print it will feel like it’s almost part of the garment. 

Plastisol inks are made from plastics. They have better color consistency and work well on both light and dark garments. These inks will sit on top of the fabric after heat cured so you will feel the print on the garment.

What is heat press?

Your design is printed and cut from vinyl cloth. The large heat press is then used to adhere the design to the garment with heat and pressure.